Drug Discovery

We identify and develop novel molecules, extracts and ingredients from natural products in the area of aging diseases, to deliver cures and relieve suffering for healthier lives, for longer

In house development

Neuro-Sys set up its own dedicated laboratory and processes to realize in-house R&D programs aimed at identifying and developing new compounds coming from selected medicinal plants with a proven efficacy on neurodegenerative diseases.
These innovative compounds are then licensed to clients for further development prospects.

Nutraceutical specialized companies, marine sponges*
*For more information about licensed products, please contact Yann Jaudouin, CEO.

Exclusive Partnership

This activity rests on the exclusive partnership with IDVP which is a platform for natural health products, scientifically recognized, developed from medicinal plants selected to enhance the immune system for permanent well-being and harmonious aging.

For years, IDVP has been building its ethno-botanical network, covering the whole Vietnam territory, gathering traditional doctors and forestry senior managers from national and regional parks where all the wealth of the subtropical nature is displayed. IDVP botanist teams trace the collections and scrupulously document the raw vegetal material.
For rare species, IDVP creates plant gardens in the very biotope where they are found naturally, under the responsibility of a local traditional doctor.

IDVP has identified 3,700 species of said medicinal plants. Such a unique database of active substances holds the drugs of the future.


Neuro-Sys runs several drug discovery programs in parallel (collaborative clinical stage molecules are not displayed in this pipeline).